Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Amy Hanna, two weeks to go. . .

two weeks from today we will be gathered in the cabin having dinner together. the snow is so beautiful, you won't even believe it. . .
we asked Amy Hanna if she would write a post for those us still working on gathering our supplies for her class.
thank you Amy, your work is so breathtaking!

I would suggest each person bring an ounce of 24 gauge wire in half hard. I bought an ounce last week and it cost around $23.00. One ounce of 24 gauge wire equals 48 feet. This is good for most beads. It is always good to have some 26 gauge wire also in half hard. Some gem stones and pearls have very small holes in them and only 26 gauge will fit through them. I would also suggest to bring some 22 gauge wire in dead soft. One ounce of 22 gauge wire equals 31 feet. 22 gauge is great to connect found pieces and to make hooks for closures. Wire also comes in 21 and 20 gauge I would suggest using dead soft if you bring these sizes. I will be bringing some black max to oxidize the silver with. It should be enough for the whole class. If someone would like to purchase this they can Google Rio Grande gems and findings.

I also suggest to bring two pairs of flat nose pliers, one pair of round nose pliers and wire cutters. You do not need to spend a ton of money on these. I like to use a pair of flat nose pliers that gets small at the end. I also suggest bringing chain, what ever kind of chain you love. A small cable chain is great for earrings. Sometimes you can find and old necklace that is very delicate that you no longer use. You might want to mix up the chain that you put on one piece, I usually use sterling silver but you can mix copper, brass or vintage chain. It usually takes around 2 1/2 feet to make one necklace.

Vintage clasp are always fun to use and you can find them on vintage necklaces or maybe a bead store might carry them. Bring old rosary necklaces, medals and watch fobs-- they are my favorite. Don't forget the pearls, mother of pearl beads, gem stones, Victorian pieces and cool buttons. I use a lot of vintage cracker jack charms in pieces. I will also have some things for sale, but I want to stress to bring goodies that will make your piece special. My favorite pieces are always made from my favorite things. It would be a good idea to bring earring hooks and watch swivels, lobster clasp or toggles. You may also want to bring some jump rings in different sizes. I will be bringing my soldering iron for demonstrating.

I would search you local bead stores or on line for supplies. It is always fun to search eBay for goodies. Happy hunting and I look forward to meeting everyone, Amy

stay tuned as we will have a post from Pam and Anahata later this week.
see you in two weeks, the mama birds Candice and Julie


Anonymous said...

I am so excited. I have to get my wire and then I will be all ready! Can't wait. I am really looking forward to seeing all the great things everyone creates. Angela

kecia said...

i too am coming to Artnest, but am a little frustrated trying to order this wire! i went to rio grande, but you have to be a member to order. do you just call and then you are a member? also, i looked at 24 gauge wire on other sites, but there were MANY types.are we ordering silver in the 24 gauge halfhard? when you've never ordered wire and have to do it online, it gets confusing - at least to me!

Julie Collings said...

hi all,
i was just on the site ordering my wire. they have free shipping and great prices.
i ordered just two wires to work with, the 24 guage half hard round wire for wrapping and the 20 guage dead soft round wire for earwires and jump rings. hope this helps kecia!

Anonymous said...

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