Thursday, May 3, 2007

a nest and eggs

i think i must have nests on the brain.
i carved this nest stamp and used it to create this collage. the little egg book opens to tell about my own little nest and what i have put inside it.
this illustration of bird eggs is from a 1897 book about the life of birds. i copied the page onto sticker paper and have been cutting out the eggs to use on my mail art this week.

i have a collection of nests and real eggs that i have been gathering over the years. they are so fragile and lovely. this little nest is my favorite. my son brought it home from school one day with his face shining with his excellent surprise for me. a little nest had blown down from a tree on the playground. there are horses in the field next to the school and the birds must have gathered the horse hair from the fence and woven it in their nest.
it is the softest, lightest nest and i will never forget the day it was given to me.