Monday, July 7, 2008

June 2008 Art Nest

It is hard to come back to reality after such an amazing few days in Park City at the Art Nest, so many highlights of the fabulous artists and wonderful friendships made those few days.

the very first night, we had dinner at the French Bistro on Main Street, the sun was going down and the light was just perfect. Our first little gathering with the most wonderful food. I had the trout laid on a bed of green beans and mashed potatoes with a garlic lemon butter sauce. It was the best food i have had this summer. I will admit I am a foodie..........but this dinner couldn't have been more perfect. Most of us were licking our fingers (and our plates) by the end of dessert. Molton Lava Cake served under candlelight.

the next day was our class with Stephanie Lee. She was such a generous teacher with real knowledge about her materials. We were joking her saying she could of been a science teacher. Here is my little junk jewelry suitcase with all of my goodies to use in her class.

These are her creations that she demonstrated each of the techniques with. Aren't they beautiful? The heart was one of my favorites.

The next day we enjoyed a little whimsey with Carla Sonheim. What a joy to be around such a giving soul. She stretched our imaginations with some resistance, but by the end of class most of us were letting go and having fun. Char was so excited about her little bird she made. I love this smile.

Cheryl and Carla
Julie Thompson's watercolor. she was amazing....

Julie Collings watercolor. I love the hair........

Day three

The last day was fabric tapestry with Alma Stoller. This was the perfect class for a Saturday afternoon. As you can see everyone was enjoying themselves and having so much fun picking through all of the fabric.

Alma was very good at having a demo and then letting us go to our piece and try it out. There was so much to learn and do we could have worked on these all night.
Here is Julie showing us her book cover nestled inside her little suitcase. We have a thing for these little junk suitcases if you can't tell.
Our sweet Maija ........who is our little art nest was so fun to have her at the nest again. She looks amazing and is such a dear.

Happy art nest everyone.