Thursday, March 6, 2008

the art nest gals. . .

here are all the art nest gals-except jayne, so sorry you were sick sweetie.
so i heard later that the ones in front of the fireplace were getting a bit toasty while i was setting up the timer and tripod. . .

the feet socks will live on, everytime i put those cozy striped socks on i will be thinking of the art nest!
here are candice, pam, laurie, julie, amy, and maija getting a bit cozy on the couch.

this is the wonderful picture melinda took of candice and julie, we don't very often get a picture of the two of us. we were out in the snow sledding during our lunch break from pam's class

the five of us making faces together. julie, candice, pam, amy, and anahata.

cheryl and her wonder trunk filled to the top with goodies at the artist sale night.

ananda shot this photo of us laughing about the pictures!

on friday night we set up a candle light dinner. yes, sorry i made you all lean back for the shot. painful isn't it. . .

don't you miss the snow already? kecia took these two great photos of the snow outside the cabin and marina taking a little taste.