Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ananda on the Big Island

Hi Nest Artists
This is Ananda from Colorado, spending a month on the Big Island before
attending our weekend in the snow.
Enjoyed the evening alone on one of my favorite beaches yesterday...
Was blessed to do my sunset dance and took some photos to send your way.
Im enjoying the warm air for all my fellow Art Nesters who are bundling
up right now.
Ma ke aloha ke akua
Ananda Foley
(can you believe these were taken on my iPhone?)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

in the mail today. . .

for everyone coming to the February Art Nest your packets were mailed out today!
you will find inside information about what to bring, trades, the Winter Sparkle Artist Sale, shuttle and driving information, and our schedule! if you are counting down like we are it is time to gather your supplies for each of your classes.
we will have a post dedicated to helping you locate the last few things on your list, but for now let us know your packet arrived and leave a link to your spot on the web so we can all visit.

see you in a couple of weeks, julie and candice