Thursday, June 7, 2007

two week countdown

can't believe we are on the two week countdown to the Artnest! every day a few more details work themselves out. candice and i met up in sugarhouse to put together the artist packets that we mailed out yesterday. honestly the man's face when we dumped all those fat envelopes on his counter. i think the park city post office doesn't see that much action. . .
(i am actually on a first name basis with my post office, i go there to mail unusual looking packages so often)
if you are coming to the nest look for your packet in the mail this weekend.
so, those amazing cookies, the ones with the macadamia nuts, i wish i had one right now so fabulous. when candice said she stopped and picked up cookies i went oh, pass. i hate that bulk shortning taste. i was completely unprepared for these babies! i went on so much about them i felt like i should offer one to the very kind older man who was reading so quietlyl next to us. he was so shy he said no.

here are all the folios drying on the library tables. wherever we go we raise eyebrows. what are you doing?
and candice's new ring she got at a boutique next door. really gorgeous on her. love the vintage buttons.

bits of all kinds of ribbons and trims were covering the table after we dumped out our whole stash and got ready to work.
a couple wish tickets are tucked inside with the invitation to sally Jean's trunk show at dear lizzies in highland.
oh it is going to be such an amazing weekend ladies, can't wait for you to get here. Julie


heidi said...

yea, there's the link! i'm excited to be the first poster here today, guess the rest are busy packing their crafty bags to head out to the nest. yes, i'm stalking you gals, watching for all the wonderful bits - so keep them coming! the rest of us who couldn't make the journey are all routing for it to be a huge fun event! best wishes.

ArtsyMama said...'s so close now. SO excited for you girls and SO wish I could be there. I will be there in spirit and can't wait to hear **all** about it!!!

Laurie G. said...

The registration packets are lovely, so many fun bits to unfold. I'm prepping my supplies....Can't wait!