Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How It all Started

It all started with these adorable red heads. The boy is mine and that grinning girl is Julie's. They had preschool together, you know the one where the moms take turns teaching. We both had the same ideals for children; read, play, cook and build. In fact these two spent hours in the sandbox building the eighth world wonder.
Then we started running together really early in the morning. Creating ideas in our heads and getting fit. Here we have just finished a half -marathon.
Here we are making Christmas Stockings at another cabin for our friends and neighbors. This was around 1999. Julie had an old wool green coat. We picked it apart and made stockings out of it. We have had many endeavors since then. Our newest endeavor the art nest. This came from an idea to nuture the artist soul as well as making art.
So for now ...............we are Feathering the Nest getting ready for wonderful artists to come and share these few days with us.


ArtsyMama said...

I love this post. So sweet!!!! How lovely to know your history. You are both such amazing women and artists:)

Julie Collings said...

oh, those pictures do bring back some memories!
the one of the kids was taken 13 years ago, did you realize that?
when marina came home i showed her the picture and she just laughed remembering that time.
thank heavens i don't wear overalls anymore, but still love those stockings and wool felt.

your 'feathering the nest' collage is so lovely,
such peaceful colors and thoughts.