Thursday, April 19, 2007

brainstorming at the cabin

we went up to the cabin yesterday to do some serious brainstorming for the artnest retreat. it was such an amazing morning. as we were driving up to timberlakes there was this lovely alpine meadow shimmering with lavendar flowers and fresh raindrops. we jumped over the ditch and set up my camera on a tripod with the timer and tried to capture how amazing everything looked.
the cabin is gorgeous, every room is perfect! i am so excited for june. the clouds started to gather among the aspens outside and then it started to snow. we turned on the fireplace in the great room and ate lunch in this cozy spot.

candice had the teachers contracts ready to mail out, every little detail so lovely.


Laurie G. said...

Hooray, only 58 days! .... er, not that I'm counting or anything. (Is it too soon to start buying supplies?) Wheeeee!

You both look so happy and beautiful. great pics!

ArtsyMama said...

You ladies are so cute!!!! Everything looks fabulous. What attention to detail!

kelly rae said...

gorgeous photo. and you two are doing amazing things! and that part of Utah is so breathtaking, isn't it? you've got some mighty fine teachers lined up!