Tuesday, May 27, 2008

heading your way. . .

candice and i mailed out the packets for all attending the june art nest retreat in park city this summer.
we have had so much fun planning the details for this retreat. it is the first time having the nest at the Inn, so we have had many new details to work out and it is getting hard to wait the few more weeks until everyone arrives.

heading your way is a lovely green envelope stuffed with all the details about what you need to bring, your supply list, our schedule, cards from each of the artists teaching, and an invitation to the summer artist sale. we hope we get to host it out under the stars on the patio with the heater going. it is always surprising how it cools off in the evening up in the mountains when it is so warm during the day.

we spent a day up in salt lake shopping our favorite antique stores to gather things for our packet and the goody bag for everyone. the great yellow flowered material was cut from a vintage dress from the 30's. it had four lovely darts over each shoulder and an old metal zipper sewn in by hand along the side. it was too worn to ever wear again so we repurposed the fabric to bundle up your art treats.

those old keys were all in a little dish by the counter, we couldn't resist thinking they might be so fun to use in stephanie lee's class. the rusted wire we wrapped around the bundle is actually some fishing line that was wound around an old wooden paddle. it still had the tackle attached.

i hope all the envelopes arrived safe and sound, helen's packet was sent all the way to the UK! she is flying in a day early to the inn just to get the jet lag over with before we all gather together for dinner at the french bistro wednesday night.
oh, and we had a lovely evening taste testing the menu for the night. the molten chocolate cake with vanilla bean cream was delicious beyond description. i am definitely ordering that!
happy tuesday, julie


Beth said...

i will let you know when i get mine !! i am so very excited to be joining you girls for this !!!

creating in the dark said...

Yay, mine arrived a couple of days ago! Love all the little bits and pieces all tied up so beautifully with the vintage material and the key :-) ... I'm a tiny eeny weeny bit overwhelmed at the list of crafty bits I need to bring with me but it's a good excuse to splash out on some essential crafty tools that I can use when I get back with all my new skills :-) I'm so excited at flying over to meet all my fellow nesters and am wracking my brain to come up with a suitably English mini-swap for everyone :-)
See you all in three weeks!
Helen xxx

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